A Big Mama Tree Adroitly Honored In A Tiny Town

A Big Mama Tree Adroitly Honored In A Tiny Town

Gordon, Texas, may not be the largest community to boast a beloved tree, but the beautiful Hill Country town is second to no one in passion for their town. I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely town, home of repeated Six-Man football championships, after being invited to speak at the W. K. Gordon Center in Thurber, Texas. There, Shawn Rogers, the very personable and knowledgable soul at the Gordon Volunteer Library told me of a immense tree that has been a fixture in the school community for many years, as this 1928 declaration attests:

“To the City Council of Gordon

I, the chairman of the Park committee ask you, the City Council of Gordon, to set aside the stately and very aged live-oak tree in Bell Street north of the school building to the dedication to the school children of Gordon so long as it shall live.  I wish writings or engravings of history and age placed in this tree.”

Mrs. Lewis Roger’s declaration was accepted by the City Council on Feb. 6, 1928. As Mrs. Rogers was known by many during that time as Big Mama, the tree logically became known as Big Mama’s tree. The tree is also known as Mama’s Tree, but there is something charming about Big Mama’s tree gracing the tiny town of Gordon.

Big Mama Tree, Gordon, TX

Big Mama Tree, Gordon, TX, is a beloved tree in the tiny Hill Country town