A Tree With A Terrible Secret: It Eats Kites

A Tree With A Terrible Secret: It Eats Kites

What makes a tree meaningful to us? Was a pivotal battle fought beneath it long ago, like the Ben Milam Cypress in San Antonio? People do love their history. Perhaps a novel was penned below the shady expanse.

Like other things we love, the reasons we develop affinity for trees are often far from impactful or otherwise weighty. Perhaps the tree resides at a home where we once lived and it brings back happy memories.
Or, maybe, we like it simply because we like it. That’s the case with this impressive example of arboreal splendor that stands in a park in Austin. Jay Russell shot this Gothic-tinged portrait of a tree he likes a few years ago. As he described it, “It was that year ACL destroyed the grass and it was pretty much brown dirt all winter. I love that tree the most the day after kite fest. It’s hilarious.”

A picture of this nefarious tree proudly displaying its bounty of devoured kites would be impressive, so I’ve added it to the list of shots to be captured next Spring.

Send a picture or a story of a tree you love. It can be a beautiful, record-setting, historic, or just wantonly insidious, like Zilker Park’s infamous kite eater.

Favorite tree, Austin Jay Russell’s strikingly morose portrait of the Kite Eater, Austin, Texas,


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