Being selected to speak at the Texas Book Festival: Priceless

Being selected to speak at the Texas Book Festival: Priceless

Each year in October, people who love books gather in Austin, Texas, for the purpose of connecting with fellow book lovers from all around the world. The result is a huge, literary event known as the Texas Book Festival which takes place on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol. The festival comes to life over the weekend of October 27-28 and is open to the public. There are talks, books to buy, authors to meet, live music (this is Austin, after all) delicious food and gifts of all kinds.

And while I don’t consider myself in the same league as the talented writers who will be gracing the capitol grounds, I am thrilled to have been selected to be one of the featured authors and speakers, thanks to my book, “Living Witness: Historic Trees of Texas.” Since the purpose of Living Witness is to help preserve our history and natural wonders through the stories of the historic trees and the people connected to them, there is no finer place to do so than at a festival dedicated to books held at the state capitol. The authors wre announced by Laura Bush, from her home in Preston Wood.

The schedule for speaking events and book signings will be announced this week. A huge thanks goes to the great people at Texas A&M University Press whom have made this possible. Please join us for a tremendous event that should prove to be unforgettable, as least for me.

You can learn more about the festival here.

Finally, the lovely poster for the event was beautifully designed by Margie Crisp, author of “River of Contrasts,” also published by Texas A&M University Press. margie will also be attending the event and i am really looking forward to meeting her.

Poster for Texas Book Festival 2012

Poster for Texas Book Festival 2012 featuring Ralph Yznaga, author of Living witness: Historic Trees of Texas.