Deco Your Home With Boughs of Glory

Deco Your Home With Boughs of Glory

The latest remake of the Great Gatsby, due this Christmas, stands ready to remind us why we all love Art Deco design. The other-wordly curves that once appeared so modern now fill with us with nostalgia and curiosity for a time when science and style made anything seem possible.

While the images that grace the “silver screen” are fleeting, there is a much permanent way for you capture the mysterious joy of Art Deco in your home. You simply need to acquire the beautiful travel books dedicated to the Art Deco of Texas of David Bush and Jim Parsons, “Houston Deco,” “Hill Country Deco” and their latest release, “Fair Park Deco.” ┬áThese gorgeous books, from both Bright Sky and TCU University Press are beautifully produced works of art. The photography is stunning, the authors carefully researched their material and the results will not disappoint you. The new edition, “Fair Park Deco,” is here just in time for the holidays to remind us why Fair Park is such a treasured part of Dallas.

You can learn more about each book at the following:, and

Enjoy the lovely new film, then bring Texas Deco into your home and keep this joy alive forever.

Houston Deco

Fair Park Deco
Hill Country Deco