Help Keep Austin’s Cemeteries Alive

Help Keep Austin’s Cemeteries Alive
Hogg Pecan, Austin Texas, from Living Witness: Historic Trees of Texas

Hogg Pecan, Living Witness: Historic Trees of Texas








While an old joke claims that people are dying to get into cemeteries, some people do everything they can to keep them from dying. Save Austin’s Cemeteries is a organization dedicated to the preservation of these historically important communal places. There is a quiet dignity and unequaled beauty to old cemeteries. They have the power to connect us to our past and provide a place for respite from our daily troubles. Many have historic significance, such as our state cemetery, but all are worthwhile investments for preserving our culture. One such place is the Oakwood Cemetery in East Austin, where Governor Hogg had a pecan tree planted at his grave in 1906, with the idea that the fruit would be shared with the poor people of the state. Following a long and healthy life, the tree died and was replaced in the 60’s. Sadly, the second one has died as a result of the drought. Luckily, gravestones endure, but even they are threatened without upkeep.

To learn how you can help Save Austin’s Cemeteries protect these sacred sites, go to their website here or at

I will be speaking to the organization about the historic trees of Texas located in cemeteries this Saturday, January 12, at 10:30 a.m. at the Yarborough Branch of the Austin Public Library at 2200 Hancock Dr.

Join us in helping ensure that Austin’s cemeteries live forever.