Help Save The Heritage Oak
















This from the website. “Benchmark Bank from Dallas is planning on moving into a lot on 1901 N. Lamar Blvd and they requested a permit from the city to cut down the long standing Heritage Oak. Benchmark hired an arborist that states the tree is a “danger,” and should be cut down. The concerns stated are the structure of the tree’s branches in relation to the right of way since a few branches hang over the sidewalk and street.

It would be different story if this tree was dead or dying. This is a healthy tree and a valued part of our urban canopy. We also have our own arborist report that states that this tree would be no danger with pruning and cabling. We need to do what is necessary to help save the Dreyfus Heritage Oak and help Austin continue to be the great city that it is. We love our trees and parks and it’s why we live and work here. Every tree, especially a heritage tree, that is lost is irreplaceable and changes our landscape for the worst.

Benchmark Bank offers to remove this beloved heritage tree and plant a few young trees in exchange. Trees grow very slowly, and many don’t survive drought and climate change. We do not have 50-60 years to wait for a new one to grow.”

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