Outside Her Home And In Her Heart

Outside Her Home And In Her Heart
Melody McMahon's Tree

Melody McMahon’s Tree, San Antonio













Trees found here don’t have to be famous. They just have to be loved.  San Antonio is filled with impressive trees of all varieties and plenty of people  who love them. Melody McMahon, a resident of the Alamo City, shared her favorite tree from her home and included these words:

“It’s hard to see in the photo but the tree has many holes in it where squirrels and other critters make their home. I won’t let anyone cut the branches for that reason. I always wonder what the old trees have witnessed, and that includes this tree. The family that lived on this land before us built their house in 1947 and all their children grew up playing outside. I wish trees could tell us their stories!” Keep up the good work to preserve our Texas heritage!

Thank you, Melody, for sending this beautiful tree and helping preserve our natural wonders.