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Vincent Debrock, Heritage Tree Care, San Marcos

Vincent Debrock, Heritage Tree Care, San Marcos

Folks LOVE the book! Nicole David and her father both read it cover to cover (I think) the day I gave them theirs; my neighbors the Hudson’s were excited, Silers excited, and my sibs were enthused. My siblings especially my brother Bob rarely show enthusiasm – they are a calm bunch. I kind of circulated the books at my Miller family Christmas knowing they’d end up with the right folks… Bob actually brought it over to talk about you and the book with me. He and I were so amazed to see my name and Miller blueprint listed- too much credit for us Ralph, but so kind of you!
Luci Miller,
Miller Blueprint

Ralph, it was a pleasure to introduce you at the Texas Book Festival, and I found your talk on Living Witness to be fascinating.  I have copied Library Development and Networking Division Director Deborah Littrell on this reply and am asking that she contact you directly to advise on how you can contact libraries in the state to offer your program idea to them.  I suspect you will have MANY takers!
Peggy D. Rudd,
Director and Librarian Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Thank you so much Ralph,  I love your blog.We will link it to our website and Facebook. I will send you some photos of our tree soon. Warmly,
Park Lane Guest House, Austin

Ralph-Thanks for coming Sunday! It was great to see you. What a year it’s been with your book, and we’ve enjoyed promoting it. All best,
Joseph Hammer
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin

Thank you Ralph — nicely done n WOW your photo of the tree is amazing gorgeous. I shared this with friends of Gordon. Gordon is now historically remembered thanks to you and your most beautiful book.
Aileen Rogers,
Volunteer, Gordon Public Library, Gordon

Thank you so much for speaking at our Book Fair! I enjoyed both of your presentations, and I hope that you had a good time. I hope to see you again at the Museum! Best regards,
Amanda Stevenson,
Curator Museum of Printing History, Houston

Thanks to Ralph Yznaga for featuring the work of Kenneth FrazelleKathryn Findlen and Richard Masters..!
Scott McAfee,
Executive Creative Director, Austin
Brilliant! I’m sharing this with everybody!!
Amber Conrad,
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Thanks for adding greatly to our TBF experience.  Your delightful welcoming of people to the Texas A&M tent, effective display of photographs, connections made with other authors, and energy in general made it a particularly fine experience for others, including me.
A president of your fan club,
Gayla Christenson,
Texas A&M University Press
It was a pleasure finally getting to have a face-to-face conversation with you about your interest in trees.  I am the one who was there with my CO friend who purchased a book; you signed it on the Goose Island “big tree” page since we had been there just 2 days before.
Lucille Kirkham,
Writer, Hays County
Hi, Ralph. Great…I would really like for us  to get credit for your great posting.  Loved your talk and your book…and hope we can do an exhibit with you. THANKS for the posting.
Cheers, Dr. Deborah F. Cowman,
Executive Director Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History
Ralph, it was great to meet you too.  I think the entry on your website looks great!  We truly appreciate it.  I am leaving to the eastern end of the trail in Louisiana tomorrow, and I will post something on our website soon. I would like to work together in the future.  I will let you know if we are doing any events soon, and please do the same.
Thank you, Steven Gonzales
Executive Director, El Camino Real de los Tejas NHT Association Board Member,
Partnership for the National Trails System
Ralph, We thoroughly enjoyed your book but have been too busy to contact you.  We do appreciate your efforts to educate folks about the importance of these trees!! Please call when you can or lets schedule a meeting.  I am looking forward to it. Thank you!!!
Steve Houser, Dallas Historic Tree Coalition
Dear Mr. Yznaga; I wish to express the thanks of the Stephen F. Austin DRT Chapter for your most enjoyable and informative talk last Monday. We all enjoyed it very much. Best regards,
Judy WarrenDear Ralph, Our many thanks to you for presenting your wonderful program to the Austin Woman’s Club. It was so interesting to hear the many stories about these historic trees. It was really a fascinating talk. Thank you,
Austin Women’s Club
I think you were voted “most popular” last year!
Anderson Mill Garden Club
Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation to our Garden Club.  We really appreciate you taking time out from your busy schedule to talk to us.  You are so entertaining and enthusiastic when you talk about those trees. And we do learn about Texas history.
Thanks again. Margaret Anderson
Mill Garden Club
Dear Mr. Yznaga, I want to say thank you for speaking to us at Austin Exchange Club. Your story of trees was interesting in the history of Texas. We all enjoyed your speech very much. We appreciate your work. Thank you,
Bonnie Finch
President of Exchange Club of Austin
It was a pleasure to have you talk to our small garden club about your passion for the trees and their history. Hope your program the next day for the Anderson Mill Garden Club went just as well.
Rona Thorton,
Hudson Bend Garden Club
Ralph. We all loved your presentation. I would like to start working on possibly nominating you for an award for historic preservation in 2014.  It will require letters of recommendation and some other paperwork for me to do.  You are a very deserving candidate and I would like to see your work recognized on a larger scale.
Rene Piotrowski
You’ve done a great service to our community and our state. Congratulations. My sweet husband was nuts about trees and I only wish he could’ve read your book.
Glenda Gohrs, GSD&M Advertising
One of my friends told me she was given Ralph’s awesome book for her birthday. She loves it! She noticed the  wonderful note he wrote in it. Thank him again and make sure he knows his book is on the gift circuit.
Luci Miller, Miller Blueprint